Invision 3.5.0 Release!

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Invision 3.5.0 Release!

Postby XMog » Thu Dec 31, 2015 9:00 pm

In celebration, Invision 3.5.0 is now available for download!

The most important change is the removal of stdio.dll, which has (incorrectly) triggered some anti-virus programs.

(requires mIRC 7.1 or newer)

(requires mIRC 7.1 or newer with a previous Invision 3)

Additions :

- When using "Slow paste from clipboard," added option to stop the current paste
- Netsplit quits will now be included in !seen results (not a retroactive change)
- Added support for Win8/8.1/10 and future versions
NOTE: Windows 10 will display as Win8.1 when being CTCP VERSIONed until mIRC updates their $os identifier

Bug Fixes :

- Fixed incoming !seen text being hidden in the channel if too many results would be returned
- Minor spelling fixes and script errors

Changes :

- Removed stdio.dll and calls to it (pinging, 411 -> DNS)
- Changed Lagometer to "Lag Meter" in certain areas for consistency
- When trying to display IM/website/email information via Right-Click > Display in Channel and no information is entered in Personalization, present an informative error to the user rather than send "N/A" to the channel
- Slightly changed wording of Display in Channel > RAM Usage
- Changed CPU/RAM display in System Info, swapped CPU Usage/RAM Usage order in right-click menu, swapped Storage and Display lines in System Info
- When playing mp3s, the "Comment" line will no longer be displayed in the status window if there is no comment in the mp3's tag
- Replaced "MSN" (discontinued) IM contact with "Skype"
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