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fed up

Postby [slider] » Sun Dec 07, 2003 12:16 pm

i have used invision all my irc time, (16 mnths), started with 2.0 build 2104, then progressed to 2520 then went to 3515, since i started using 3515 i have had nothing but problems (was a clean install mirc 6.12 and 3515), none of my settings save even after clicking the save settings button, every start was a new start, first time use blah :-/
i have reverted back to 2520 and every thing is fine again, so i wont be using 3515 until all bugs are fixed and i see on here that they have, invision to me is the best script out there, tried excursion it r teh sux
cryoa you made a great script, not critiscizing in anyway just dont like bugs,
thanx for the time and keep up the work
oh if this is in wrong part of forum i do apologise, just wasnt sure where it wanted to be, as its sorta general, sorta bug fix
ciao for now ppl
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