Invision 3.2's new installer (FAQ)

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Invision 3.2's new installer (FAQ)

Postby Riamus » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:21 pm

There may be some questions or issues that arise with the new installer that is available starting with Invision 3.2. Hopefully, this will help you with any issues you have using the installer. If you do have any problems, please let us know.

Installer options:

Update Invision -- This will update a current Invision installation to the version in the installer you are using. Please don't update an installation with a version before 3.2 to a version of 3.2 or later. Due to the large number of changes, it is recommended that you do a clean install this time around. You can use the update option for future releases. No settings or options will be lost with this choice.

Invision Only -- This option lets you install Invision to a current copy of mIRC that does not have Invision installed on it yet. Use this option if you want to manually download mIRC and then install Invision on top of it. This will overwrite mIRC's settings, so install Invision before making changes to mIRC's options.

Using the Installer:

The most important thing you need to know when using our Installer is:

* Make certain that you install mIRC and Invision to the same folder. For example, if you type in c:\invision\ into the Invision installer, then you need to type that same path into the mIRC installer. If you use a different path, it won't work correctly and you will see a warning once Invision finishes installing.

Again, if you have any questions, please let us know.
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