Comparison b/t fserves

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Comparison b/t fserves

Postby CluelessSi » Sat May 31, 2003 5:53 pm

Hey, I use to use ircN back in like '95... yea yea old... anyway I am starting to get back into fserving and was seacrhing around for which script is good. ircN is just getting old and not really going anywhere.

I saw a lot of ppl using sysreset and also Invision, what is the main advantage of Invision over others or pro and cons?

I like that this page lists features in a nice summary, sincde i like the net split detectoin and various control functions invision offers but how does it compare to others?

Also is there anyway of servering multiple servers with one computer? cause I have anime and also movies that I want to serve but on different networks and I a not sure how do that.
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