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Written by Riamus   
Nov 11, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Invision 3.3 is now available.  There are a variety of new features including an improved Telnet "client" as well as an additional ANSI Telnet "client" that will allow you to view ANSI graphics.  For more information on the ANSI Telnet feature, please check the sticky on the forum.  The DCC Speed Window feature has also been improved so that it is incorporated into the toolbar instead of being in a popup window.  In addition, a date/time feature is available to also add to your toolbar if you are interested.  You can click the date or time on it to change the format.  The last major new feature is a new encryption method that works with mIRC 7.x and Unicode.  You use it the same way as before, but it works a little differently in the background.  Keep in mind that encryption will not work between older versions of mIRC/Invision and Invision 3.3 with mIRC 7.1+.

For more details on other new features, changes, and bug fixes, click Read More below or check the forum.

Invision 3.3 Build (November '11)

New Features :

  • Added a new ANSI Telnet feature (Invision menu > Invision Tools > ANSI Telnet).  The original Telnet feature is still available in case there are any issues that come up with the ANSI Telnet version.  That also allows you to compare the two to see what the differences are.  The ANSI telnet provides near-perfect ANSI graphics and Telnet experience.  You can change the text size by right clicking in the telnet window.  Note that it won't change what's currently displayed.  Try it out on any of the free Telnet BBS's out there and give us your feedback on the forum.
  • Added a CPU Usage Bar display.
  • Added a note in Sound Manager stating that sounds must be enabled in mIRC options to avoid confusion.
  • Added support for kicking/banning someone on your Shitlist if you are a Halfop or higher instead of if you are an Op or higher.
  • Added a separate Display in Channel/Query menu item for displaying Accrued IRC Time rather than only being able to display that while displaying server connections.
  • Added an optional Date/Time display on the toolbar.  You can click either date or time to change the format to suit your needs.
  • Added a Search Logs option to the right click menu in channel, query, and status windows.  As it states in the search dialog, be careful about searching every log file at once because it may take awhile and you could be disconnected.  Use wildcards to search for a smaller number of log files or specify the exact log file you want.
  • Added a new encryption method to replace the two old encryption methods that no longer work since mIRC changed to Unicode.  Although the encryption is done differently, it works the same on your end.  Set a key and share it with anyone who you want to be able to decode your messages.  Then send text using /e <some text> or /' <some text>.  As long as their key matches yours and they have decrypt enabled, they will be able to read what you say, but others will not.  Be aware, however, that you will not be able to decrypt text from anyone using Invision older than 3.3 or mIRC older than 7.x and they won't be able to decrypt your text either.  For questions or comments, please use the forum.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed a bug when typing certain combinations of text with colors at the beginning of a line.
  • Changed nick tags so that they always show the correct capitalization.
  • Fixed the beep that was happening when receiving a query.  If you want that beep, you can enable it from mIRC options.
  • Fixed some typos and grammar errors.
  • Fixed the MP3 button display so the pause button is fully visible.
  • Fixed the Log Viewer to correctly identify the location of the log files.
  • Fixed the Lag Time titlebar display so it doesn't flicker all networks' lags during each update.
  • Fixed the display of "Nick is using a secure connection (SSL)" text when the Channel Scan is enabled so that it shows in the correct channel rather than the active window.
  • Fixed the User Lists Manager so that changing a Mask to be invalid will not cause the User to be removed from the list.  Instead, it will attempt to automatically fix the mask and show an error message so that you can update it.  Note that it is unlikely to correctly fix your mask for you.  If you receive the error, you should fix the mask yourself.
  • Fixed decryption of encrypted text.
  • Fixed the MP3 In Play display so it shows the correct song length for VBR songs.
  • Fixed the time remaining display under the MP3 buttons so it shows the correct time remaining for VBR songs.
  • Fixed the RAM and Hard Drive Bars so they display correctly when you have a black or white background enabled in your color settings.
  • Kicks performed while in Stealth Mode no longer display an empty set of () at the end of the kick message.
  • Fixed Play Selected MP3 so it opens the correct path each time.

Changes :

  • Removed the option to automatically download mIRC during installation.  This option ended up getting the installer flagged by certain Antivirus software as being a "downloader" trojan.  Although it's a nice feature to have, it's not worth dealing with Antivirus software incorrectly identifying it over and over.  If you don't already have mIRC installed, you will need to download it yourself.  Make sure to install mIRC before installing Invision.
  • Changed the OS display to include Service Packs for Windows 7.
  • Changed the Bar displays so the bar can be seen better when displayed without control codes.
  • Changed the Visufix Active Help to explain the difference between Visufix and mIRC's built-in method for changing colors that match the background.
  • Changed the default mIRC option for Minimize DCC Sends from Disabled to Enabled.  You can change it back, by right clicking a nick and choosing DCC > Send, uncheck Minimize, and send them something.
  • Changed the default mIRC option for Enable Flood Control from Disabled to Enabled.  You can change it back from Alt-O > IRC > Flood.
  • Changed /say and /me (and any commands that use those in the script) to not use control/color codes if the channel uses +c mode.  This is in addition to how it previously blocked those if you choose to block codes from the channel's right click menu.  This lets you chat in those channels without a problem.
  • Removed the forced closing of DCC Sends by the script.  You can still enable this option through mIRC's options in Alt-O > DCC > Options.
  • Changed the !seen response when the person's was last seen quitting IRC.  It now has []'s around the quit message.
  • Made some improvements to Invision's original Telnet.  It now supports basic color and has a few other improvements.
  • Added a 30 second delay when connecting to a server before your Fserv Ad gets displayed (if your Fserv is enabled) to prevent being flooded off for displaying your ad too soon after connecting.
  • Changed the ad for "Advertise what I'm listening to" so that it shows only the song Length rather than also showing current position because the current position will always be 0 (or close).  Normal display of MP3 In Play will show the progress bar/time.
  • Changed the DCC Speed Window so that it is now built into the menubar to make it a cleaner display.
  • Changed the Nick Alert tooltip so it will not display if the nick alert is in your Active window.
  • Removed the two old encryption methods that no longer work since mIRC changed to Unicode.  They are replaced with a new method that works much better (see in the New Features section above).
  • Improved variable cleanup.
  • Adjusted the width of the local and remote file displays in the Fileserver Explorer window so that they are equally sized.
  • Changed the local display of the FServer Explorer so it displaying file sizes in kB/MB/GB instead of just bytes.


Would you like !seen to be per-channel? Even if it might mean your old data is lost?