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Written by Riamus   
Jul 30, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Invision 3.2 is now available.  It is only available for mIRC 7.1 or newer.  It will not work properly on older versions of mIRC.  If you want to use Invision on an older version of mIRC, you can still download Invision 3.1.3 and use that.  Also, Invision 3.1.3 won't work with mIRC 7.1, so if you want to use the newest mIRC, you need to use the newest Invision.  Please note that you should NOT update an older copy of Invision to version 3.2.  You will be able to update 3.2 to the next versions, but due to the many changes in Invision and mIRC, an update from 3.1.3 or older to 3.2 is not a good idea.  Please only do a clean installation this time.


This version of Invision includes many changes to make it work with the new unicode version of mIRC as well as a variety of fixes and changes.  It also includes our first real installer.  Please note that although this installer has been tested, it is still our first public use of it and it may need improvements.  If you have any problems with it, please let us know on the forum so we can fix the problems.  It will give you 3 options for installation - Update Invision, Invision Only, and Invision + mIRC.  Update Invision allows you to update a copy of Invision that is already installed without losing any of your settings.  Again, remember not to update an older version this time around.  The second option (Invision Only) can be used if you already have mIRC 7.1 installed and you just ant to add Invision to the installation.  Make sure that you choose the same folder that mIRC is installed in.  The final option will automatically download mIRC 7.1 for you and run the installer.  We are no longer providing mIRC with Invision itself, so this lets you download it without having to go to the site and download it manually.  For this to work, make sure you are not blocking the installer from access to the internet.  Also, you MUST install mIRC to the exact same folder as you chose for the Invision installation.  If you install somewhere else or click OK before installing mIRC (when asked), you'll have to re-run the installer with the correct folders and wait to press OK until after mIRC is installed.


You can view the sticky in the forum for help on installing Invision with the installer.  If you have any problems at all, please let us know and then you can try just using the Invision Only option after manually downloading and installing mIRC.  That's the option that is potentially the least confusing method.  We'll try to improve on the process for future versions.  However, there are issues with both the installer and mIRC's installer that limit us from doing some things that would make the process easier.

Invision 3.2 Build (July '10)

New Features :

  • Invision now has its own installer rather than just a self extracting RAR.  It will allow you to update or do a full install and will even download mIRC for you (don't block internet access).
  • Added a new Text Trick to the Display in Channel/Query right click menus - Upside Down Text.  This will display text upside down (and reversed).  It does not support control codes or various symbols.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed a lot of overlapping of fields in the dialogs.
  • Fixed some typos in active help.
  • Fixed an active help message that was too long, causing only part of it to appear.
  • Fixed the F1 display so it doesn't cut off the last line.
  • Fixed the display for F4 (Visufix toggle) to fix a spacing error.
  • Fixed /if: insufficient parameters (line 87, ialias2.mrc) bug in Op All Friends.
  • Fixed bug with ScriptGuard's Immune Scripts not being immune if the script filename is over 8 characters in length.
  • Fixed a /cnick bug when trying to use certain dialogs without having a nick set up in mIRC's options.

Changes :

  • Invision now fully supports Unicode and is designed for mIRC 7 or higher.  If you want to use older versions of mIRC, you will need to use Invision 3.1.3 instead.
  • The default font for Invision has been changed to Arial Unicode MS instead of Verdana.  This is so that unicode support is there.  Verdana doesn't display all unicode characters correctly.  Note that Calibri size 11 is really close to Verdana size 10 if you want something similar to Verdana.  We didn't use this as the default font because anyone using a Windows OS released before 2005 won't have that font installed.
  • Small change to Acromancer to remove unused code.
  • Changed it so that the mp3 buttons can automatically move all the way left if you shrink your window down really far instead of only part of the way.
  • Changed the default setting for opening URLs.  By default, it will use your browser's setting as far as new window or tab rather than attempting to force it to open in a new window.
  • Adjusted the F1 bar so it doesn't have a space at the end.
  • Changed some wording in the Main Settings dialog.


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