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Written by Riamus   
May 31, 2010 at 11:24 PM
Due to bugs found while working on the Unicode version of Invision that will be released for mIRC 7.x, we decided to put out one more release for 6.35 that fixes many bugs as well as adds some features and makes a lot of changes. Unless anything else major comes up, this will be the last release for 6.35 and all future releases will be for mIRC 7+.  However, if we do need to release additional versions for 6.35, we'll maintain those in the 3.1.x series to avoid confusion.  The version for mIRC 7.x will begin as 3.2 and that version is still planned for release the same time that mIRC 7 releases a final version (non-beta).

Invision 3.1.3 Build (May '10)

New Features :

  • Added an option to enable/disable !List for XDCC servers.  The default is enabled.
  • Right clicking on a nick and choosing Kick/Ban will now use the Default Ban Type setting (Main Settings > Additional Settings) just like automatic bans do.
Bug Fixes : 
  • Fixed a bug causing the Invision logo from someone running mIRC 7 or higher to appear messed up in the QUIT message.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to build the fserv index on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a bug with the File Server when CTCP only triggers is checked that can cause users to be told they are banned.
  • Fixed the duplicate logo display when doing a script corruption check.
  • Fixed a bug related to having spaces in the path to Invision.  We still recommend not having spaces in the path.
  • Fixed XDCC's !List from showing up in channels that are not being served in.
  • Fixed a bug in how the nick list colors are set up.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the # of downloads in the XDCC ads to be set to a non-numerical value.
  • Fixed !list nick so it doesn't display an ad for disabled fservs.
  • Fixed a bug caused by trying to start your XDCC server multiple times that caused the list to appear multiple times in a row about 30 seconds later.
  • Fixed a bug in the Server Controls menu that could show the Stop option(s) even when the server is stopped.
  • Fixed a bug in the XDCC Manager's Full Pack List, where the type would appear twice and you'd see the color codes listed.
  • Fixed a bug in the XDCC Manager that could prevent packs from being added correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that could affect the RAM displays for certain users with over 2GB RAM.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.

Changes :

  • Made a change to the display of the hard drive usage bar so it is like the other bars.
  • Changed how the auto-identify works so that it will also work on most non-English servers.
  • Changed the XDCC Server Ads to automatically replace a description of None (the default description) with the filename.
  • Changed the XDCC List filename that is sent from /ctcp yournick XDCC List (when !list is enabled) from XDCCList.txt to XDCCList-yournick-dateupdated.txt (e.g. XDCCList-MyNick-043010.txt).  This will not only prevent people overwriting lists from other people when getting your list, but also allows them to see when you last updated your files (through XDCC Manager).
  • Changed the wording and display in the Server Controls menu so it looks the same for all server types.
  • The Display Ad option in Server Controls (previously called Say for some server types) has been changed to only appear in the menu while the server is on.  This change does not affect the FTP, Announcer, or Request types, as those either aren't servers or are not servers from within Invision.
  • In some systems, Windows may show that you are using all of your RAM when Invision displays RAM usage.  When this happens, changed it to show ?? and -- rather than claiming that you are using 100% of your RAM.
  • Changed the XDCC pack setup so that if you hit cancel when choosing a file, it will not remove a file that's already there (replacing it with None).
  • Changed how the log folder is opened when choosing to View Logs so that it can prevent possibly opening the wrong folder.
  • Changed the Record DCC Speeds display to match other bandwidth formats.


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