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Written by Riamus   
Mar 12, 2010 at 11:08 AM
Invision 3.1.2 is here!  This is a pretty major update that adds many features, fixes some bugs, and makes a lot of changes.  It will also be the final version of Invision that will work with mIRC version 6.35 or older, unless any major bugs are found.  We wanted to maintain compatibility as we've always done, but the next version of mIRC will be fully unicode and the changes affect many things in Invision.  In order to make Invision work with old and new versions of mIRC, it would mean a really messy script that would run much slower.  So we decided to release one last version with a lot of updates for those that want to use mIRC 6.35 or older.  We will leave this version online even when we release newer versions of Invision so that those who want to use older versions of mIRC can always have access to download Invision.

The next version of Invision will only work on mIRC versions newer than mIRC 6.35 and will be designed to work with the fully unicode version of mIRC.  Also, due to the changes to make it unicode, it will be recommended that you do a full, clean install of the script.  Because of that, you may just want to update this time to avoid having to redo settings twice in a row.  More information about the next version of Invision will be released when we release that version, but you can ask any questions on the forum.  We will do our best to have it released the same day mIRC releases its next version.  Be aware that until the next version of Invision is released, no versions of Invision will work correctly with the public beta test of the next version of mIRC that will be starting sometime soon.

We apologize for anyone who won't be updating mIRC to the newest version, but you will still have a good version of Invision to use.  And we definitely recommend updating to the next version of mIRC to have the full unicode support and the additional features and changes we can provide because of that.

Invision 3.1.2 Build (March '10)

New Features :

  • Added additional IM clients to the Personalization > Info dialog so you have more choice than just ICQ.  You will then be able to display all of your IM info from Display in Channel/Private > Your IM Info. It will only display the clients that you enter info for.
  • Added a custom error message when trying to Slow Paste when there isn't anything copied to the clipboard so you don't get a /play error message.
  • Added an option in DCC Manager > Setup to show red and green dots (fail and success) in the DCC_Info window, making it easier to quickly see how often your sends/receives are failing.  This is on by default in a new install, but will be off if you just upgrade.
  • Added an option in Main Settings > Additional Settings to include a date stamp in the DCC_Info window whenever you send or receive something on a date that hasn't yet had anything sent or received.  The date stamp is configurable.  It will be on by default.
  • Added active help for a section of Main Settings > ADV that was missing active help.
  • Added an option to display your record DCC upload and download speeds from the normal Display in Channel/Private menu.
  • Added an option in Main Settings > ADV to display a speed monitor window at the top/right of your mIRC window that shows current upload and download speeds and the overall DCC bandwidth.
  • Added a Display in Channel and Display Private option to show a RAM Usage Bar (similar to the Hard Drive Usage Bar) so you can display RAM Usage without having to display the entire System Info.
  • Added an option to Main Settings > Additional Settings allowing you to disable the automatic conversion of # to the current channel name.
  • Added an option in Main Settings > Additional Settings allowing you to include an "Open File" or "Open Location" hotlink on all Successfully Received lines in @DCC_Info.  This will allow you to double click the "link" to open either the file or the location of the file that you have downloaded.


Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed some more typos.
  • Fixed nick color on Successfully Received messages to match the display of all other DCC send/receive messages.
  • Fixed nick color on Show Sends and Show Gets to match the display of other send/receive messages.
  • Fixed the CPU display in System Info for certain CPUs.
  • Fixed the Logo Theme preview option to correctly preview the logo when theme colors are enabled without having to click OK or Apply first.
  • Fixed the FTP Ad Manager so that it is possible to delete the Note (MOTD).
  • Fixed the bandwidth in use showed from DCC Manager so that it displays the right bandwidth when a send or get is complete or failed, but the DCC window isn't closed.
  • Fixed the color when sending a reply to /ctcp finger.

Changes :

  • Changed the Show in Channel/Private > Bandwidth and DCC's total bandwidth used line to be easier to read.
  • Changed the Show in Channel/Private > Bandwidth and DCC's output so it includes file size and amount already downloaded.
  • Lowered how long a line can be before it is split when using Slow Paste and splitting long lines so that it is less likely to get some characters cut off on certain networks.
  • Changed Op/Deop/Voice/Devoice/Halfop/DeHalfop options in Nick List's right click menu to say "selected nicks" if more than one nick is selected rather than just the first nick to avoid confusion over whether or not you can do multiple nicks at once.
  • Changed how memory is calculated in System Info so that it will properly display memory on systems with over 4GB RAM. The changes only affect users with over 2GB RAM.
  • Minor change to time display on MP3's in play when the graphical display is turned off.
  • Changed the auto-join for Home Channels so it has a short delay before joining the channels to allow extra time for any nick registration to take place before attempting to join the channel(s).  It's still not a long delay, so if the registration response is really lagging, you may still join before you are registered, but I think it's set to a decent delay without being too long for those without need of it.
  • Changed the wording when displaying Gets or Sends.
  • Changed the Gets and Sends displays to show if they are Completed, Failed, or Active.
  • Changed the version reply slightly.
  • Changed all Display in Channel/Private messages so they use the same formatting.
  • Added a detailed error message when manually displaying a server ad or if someone tries to connect to your server when you don't have an IP address set up in Local Info.  This will replace the "/goto duplicate end" error message that doesn't really tell you what the problem is.
  • Removed some unnecessary files.
  • Chagned the Block XDCC Ads setting so it blocks more types of XDCC ads.
  • Changed the color formatting of the "is attempting to send you" message.
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