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Written by Riamus   
Jun 28, 2009 at 03:11 PM

Invision 3.1.1 is now available for download. As usual, this update includes many features, bug fixes, and changes.  It also includes a security update, so we recommend updating to this version.  Please click the Read More link for a full list of changes. If you have any questions, please ask us on the forum.

Invision 3.1.1 Build (June '09)

New Features :

  • Added an automatic display of total hard drive space when displaying System Info so you don't have to manually set it in Personalization > Info.  If you've previously set it up, change it to n/a to let Invision display it automatically.
  • Added OS System display support for Windows 7.
  • Added an option in Main Settings > Additional Settings, that will allow you to hide the display of clones in the JOIN messages.
  • Added an option to select a color theme for the Invision logo text in Main Settings > Colors.
  • Added an option to display more Verbose "mp3 in Play" ads.  The new verbose setting is located in the mp3 Server dialog.  This is a per-network setting.  Verbose ads allow support of Unicode titles, artists, etc.
  • Added an option to display either the original graphical progress meter or else a new text display of progress (e.g. 01:15/03:45 format).  The setting is located in the mp3 Server dialog.  This is a per-network setting.  Note that any information in the Verbose display that has no information (such as no album tag information on the file) will not show.  Only information available will show up and if no Title tag is available, the filename will show (same as it does without Verbose ads).

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed duplicate code issue in iunique.mrc file.
  • Fixed some typos and grammatical errors found throughout the script (including many in Active Help).
  • Fixed a bug causing the first part of a Given Host that is found in the /whois response on certain networks to be missing.
  • Fixed a bug causing the wrong nick to sometimes be displayed when using the Nick Completer (Nick: message) when more than one nick that are similar are in a channel, such as Nick and Nick|away.
  • Fixed * /if: '!=$' unknown operator (line 153, ialias2.mrc) bug when using mass CTCP listing.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Clear All from the Auto Greet list from working.
  • Fixed a bug with /msg history revive that prevented the first line from a person who had not spoken to you before from being shown.
  • Fixed an error in certain default MOTD messages causing them to read 2.0 instead of the real version number when first installed.  Note that changes to default settings do NOT change your current settings, so you'll have to manually update your own MOTD messages if they are incorrect or else reinstall Invision to get them set correctly.
  • Fixed a bug when double clicking on /msg triggers in the @Serve_Ads window (with Capture Text/Notice Ads enabled) so that it sends the trigger as a message to the user rather than sending it to the channel.
  • Fixed a security hole in auto-op/auto-voice.
  • Fixed an issue where FTP ad information could not be removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the logo coloring preventing it from being changed when having it match the primary color.
  • Fixed a bug that can cause the wrong user information to display in the User List Manager if you add someone with only an IP available instead of a host mask.
  • Fixed * /dcc: invalid parameters (line 1163, ialias1.mrc) bug when dragging a file into a channel.

Changes :

  • Changed memory display in System Info to allow you to manually set how it displays from Personalization > Info, just like you can with other system properties.
  • Changed how server notices display so they display in the right place when you're not capturing them to an isolated window.
  • Changed how the Nick Completer works so that the colors/format should always show regardless of IAL being up to date as long as you have the full nick entered... Nick: will always have the color/format, but Ni: may or may not depending on if the nick is in the IAL.
  • Changed ad capture parsing so that certain OmenServe ads will be captured when Capture Notice Ads or Capture Text Ads are enabled in Main Settings.
  • Changed various buttons in the User List Manager so that they bring the User List Manager back into focus after using them.
  • Changed the Add New button in the User List Manager so it doesn't cause problems if you don't enter a nick or host.
  • Changed AutoGreet Messages so they save immediately after making changes so that the changes aren't lost if you exit right after making them.    
  • Silenced the AutoGreet Clear All message that says the saved file of autogreet messages is removed.  There is still a standard Invision message telling you that the command was completed.
  • Changed logo coloring so it's Per Network like everything else so that it is the right color if you have different colors on different networks.
  • Changed OS, CPU, and Graphics displays so that (R), (C), and (TM) show up as the actual symbols: ®, ©, ™
  • Changed System Info output so that it uses "x" instead of "by" in the monitor resolution.
  • Changed the mp3 button time display so that it only changes from time remaining to time elapsed (counting down to counting up) when a song is playing when you click the time displayed.  Previously, it would change anytime you clicked there and would result in the way the time is displayed changing when you don't want it to.
  • Changed the Now Playing display so it uses the new Verbose ad method of getting information to allow for better display of what's playing.  This is the local display usually shown in the status window unless you have it set to show in active.


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