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Written by Riamus   
Dec 25, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Invision 3.1 is now available for download as our Christmas release.  It includes a large number of fixes, changes, and features.  It also comes with mIRC 6.35 if you get the full download bundle. Click the Read More link below to see the list of changes in this version.

As always, if you are updating Invision from a previous version, you should still use the full bundle about once every 2-3 updates to prevent issues.  Using the update version does not change any settings in mIRC or Invision, so any corrupt settings are still going to be there.  If you're sure your settings are fine and you're not having any problems, then go ahead and use the update version so that you don't have to set up your settings again. Note that the update version does not come with the latest version of mIRC.  If you want to update your version of Invision to use the latest mIRC, please read the Sticky thread in the General Help forum for instructions on updating mIRC.

Invision 3.1 Build (December '08)

New Features :

  • Added a View Logs right click menu item in the Status window that will bring up all logs for that network.  Note that it will bring up *all* logs if you don't use either the "Include Network" option or the "Make Folder" (by network) option in mIRC's logging options.  Those are the only ways that Invision knows what network the logs are from.
  • Added a dialog that allows you to edit/add/remove Social Outbursts.  Control codes are supported.  Note that you will continue to use the original outburst files until you open the dialog and hit ok/apply.  After that, you'll use the new outburst files that are generated.  For questions about this, please ask in the forum.  Social Outbursts from Invision menu.
  • Added support for displaying Social Outbursts in a query window.  You can display them either in a Query window or from right clicking on a nick.
  • Added support for automatically connecting to specified networks/servers when starting Invision.  Main Settings > Additional Settings.
  • Added an additional option to the "Show in all Common Channels" option for notices.  When you select this option, you can now check an option to send all notices from people who aren't in a common channel to your Status window.  Unchecked, it will work as it previously did and send them to your active window.  This lets you choose to prevent Service notices and global notices from going to the active window.  Note that if you use a service command, such as /nickserv and this option is enabled, it will go to the status window instead of the active window, so choose the method that works best for you.
  • Added a "Reload all Invision Files" menu option under the Invision menu > Invision Tools.  If your script files are ever unloaded, rather than manually loading them or reinstalling, all you need is to have the System\Remotes\iunique.mrc file loaded and then this new menu item will load all of the rest of your Invision files.  *You may need to restart Invision afterwards.*  Note that if you don't have an Invision menu, you will want to reinstall instead.
  • Added the Invision Logo display to the Hard Drive Usage Bar (hidden when running in stealth mode).
  • Added active help text for the background color options in Main Settings > Colors.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed a potential security bug in /msg history revive.
  • Fixed bug in Version reply.
  • Changed the Invision "Use" counter to hopefully make it accurate.
  • Fixed a bug in the Log Viewer when opened from the right click menu in a Query, where it wouldn't open the viewer if the nick included certain characters, such as | or \.
  • Fixed the OS display so that "Windows" isn't displayed twice in certain situations.
  • Fixed a typo in active help.
  • Fixed a bug causing quit messages that use background colors to incorrectly leave the background color on when displaying the number of people remaining after quitting.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to try to identify twice to nickserv.
  • Fixed an issue where connecting too quickly may prevent automatically identifying with NickServ.
  • Fixed a bug when handling the closing of special windows, such as logviewer, Fserve.Chat, etc.
  • Fixed a bug when adding a channel to auto-join from the right click menu if the channel topic had a comma in it causing Invision to think there was a password.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent record uptimes from saving regularly.  They will now always be saved no more than 15 min from the actual record.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the default encryption key in Main Settings from being set if you enter something too small and then choose Yes when asked if you want to use the default key.
  • Fixed a bug causing double error messages when typing /me and hitting enter without any text.
  • Fixed a bug causing an error message when "Use 2 line Ad" is checked for fserv and the MOTD is blank.
  • Fixed a parentheses bug in the kick message when people are kicked with WordWatch.  Also changed spacing slightly in all kick messages.

Changes :

  • Changed View Chan Log and the View Log for queries to check mIRC's settings and automatically open the network folder if you have mIRC set up to separate logs by network.
  • Changed the OS displays to show the Service Packs in Vista.
  • Changed WordWatch to allow kicking and banning if you are a halfop.  Previously, you had to be an op or higher.
  • Changed the mp3 button display so that it will be on the right side of mIRC even with widescreen resolutions.
  • Adjusted the hover area for "Logo Color matches Secondary Color" so that it's easier to see the active help for that option.
  • Moved the "View Log" menu item in Query windows to the top to match where it's located in the channel window.
  • Included mIRC 6.35.
  • Changed /msg history revive so that the current text isn't duplicated at the top and bottom of the revived history.
  • Removed the automatic "pimp slap" sound effect.  If you want to use it, add it to your SoundFX tab.
  • Changed where many connections messages are displayed to prevent flooding your active channel with reconnect messages.  Messages that aren't channel-specific should now appear in the Status window rather than the active window.
  • Changed "Capture Server Notices to an Isolated Window" option to GLOBAL rather than network-specific setting.  You will need to recheck this option and press OK if you use it for it to work after updating.
  • Changed the display of "Channel Modes" and "Created On" displays when joining channels on certain networks that send that information twice so that you only see it once.
  • Minor change to when settings are loaded when connecting to a network to help prevent some problems that can occur because settings aren't loaded fast enough.
  • Updated the wording on the active help text for the Invision Logo color in Main Settings > Colors.
  • Updated /say to give an error message if no text is included with the command.
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