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Written by Riamus   
May 21, 2008 at 06:31 PM

mIRC 6.32 has been released and offers bug fixes, new features, and improvements.  Perhaps one of the most noteable improvements is an increased length for variables and all other commands in mIRC.  This will help reduce "line too long" errors in scripts.  Of course, you can't send longer text to channels as that's a network setting, not a mIRC setting.  Check out mIRC.com for the download and a list of changes in the versions.txt file included in the installation.

At this time, Invision seems to work fine with 6.32, so you should be able to use Invision 3.0 with mIRC 6.32 without problems.  We will try to get a new release of Invision out that will include mIRC 6.32 for you as soon as possible.

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