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Written by Riamus   
Mar 12, 2008 at 05:10 AM

Invision 3.0 is now available for download.  After releasing so many patches and updates, we decided it was time to move into version 3.  Invision 3.0 works best with mIRC 6.31 or higher.  If you use Winamp 5+, you'll want to get this version to prevent problems running the two programs together.

It is recommended that you do a full install of Invision 3.0 instead of upgrading.  This will guarantee you're using the correct settings and files.  If you choose to upgrade, be sure to manually load the i300 theme from the Theme Manager unless you're using a custom theme.  You may need to adjust your colors after doing so, but it will make Invision use the correct files.

Invision 3.0 Build (March '08)

New Features :

  • Added traytips for when Actions (/me) trigger the Nick Alert if both Nick Alert and Tooltips are enabled.
  • Added Clear All Windows option in the right click menu.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed the bug for Winamp 5+.  This fix works for both the update and the full version.
  • Fixed some typos in the random kick messages, halfops, active help regarding titlebar options, and the right click nick menu.
  • Fixed the CPU display for Dual/Quad core CPUs that displayed "Dual Core" or "Quad Core" twice instead of only once.

Changes :

  • Changed the Images that display version numbers from 2.0 to 3.  This only affects full installs.  To use the new images if you update, go the Theme Manager and load the i300 theme.
  • Changed the Op Status display so it displays the totals across all networks.
  • Changed the display of the QUIT message to include the # of people remaining in the channel(s).
  • Changed the /join and /j aliases so that they accept the switches for /join, such as -n for minimized.
  • Changed the random kick/ban message to be bold.
  • Changed the Network Services to be listed as a submenu in the right click menu so they take up less space when enabled.
  • Changed the display of the Hard Drive Usage Bar display to match other progress bar displays in Invision.
  • Changed the default Top 5 sends to track Files instead of Directories.  This change only affects new installs (not updates).
  • Changed the Channel Scan feature that displays "Also in channels" and "using secure connection (SSL)" notices to display the notice no more than once every 5 seconds per nick.  This stops it from showing multiple times if the same person joins multiple channels that you're in all at once.
  • Changed the Hard Drive Usage Bar display to also include the total bytes used.
  • Removed the menu item for Invision Tutorials as the site is down.
  • Added a menu item for viewing the Version History in Invision menu > Invision Help.
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