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Written by Riamus   
Sep 07, 2007 at 03:00 PM

The September'07 Release is now available.  You can find links in the forum and the downloads section.  It is strongly recommended that you use this version of Invision if you are using mIRC 6.3 or newer.

A hot fix has been released for the September'07 Release.  It is recommended that you do the hot fix to avoid problems.  Remember that all fixes will be on the forum.

September'07 Changes 

New Features :

  • Added tray tips for when people say your nick while you are Away, when someone triggers your Nick Alert, and when someone Pages you.  You can enable or disable these.
  • All XDCC packs will now display as long as they have a filename associated with them even if there are empty packs in the middle.
  • Added a new item to the Invision Help menu that will take you to the forum now that the forum is back up and running.
  • Control codes can now be used when creating the "category" for XDCC items.  This lets you change the category's color, bold, and underline.  Ctrl-O also works.
  • Added the ability to set your XDCC ad to only show the latest XX packs, rather than all packs, in Verbose mode.  All packs will still be able to be downloaded and can still be seen when someone gets your XDCC List.
  • Added Access Levels to the ChanServ section of the right click nick menu.  This lets you set up auto-voice, auto-op, auto-admin, etc. on networks that have ChanServ.  Note that you need to enable Network Services in that network's settings for the ChanServ menu to be shown (Main Settings > Filtering & NickServ).
  • Added an option to choose where Notices sent to you will appear (Main Settings > Additional Settings).

Bug Fixes :

  • Made a new button image for use with mIRC 6.3.  It is the default button image for new installs.  For updates, you'll have to select the i2m630btn.bmp file.
  • Fixed a bug causing OS's with special characters to not display properly.
  • Fixed the "View List" menu item in the Log Viewer.

Changes :

  • Changed default options for mIRC 6.3.  This only affects new installs.
  • Adjusted some checkboxes that were too close together.
  • Added help text for the tray tip checkboxes.
  • Changed the Force Dalnet Mode option to automatically enable/disable the related options so users don't think other options will work when it's disabled.
  • Changed "Force Dalnet Mode" to "Enable Network Services" so it makes more sense.
  • The "category" box in the XDCC Manager now lets you have longer category names.
  • Changed the tab's title in XDCC Manager from Settings to Categories.
  • Changed how Categories work in XDCC Manager.  Previously, if you removed a category, it could mess up all of your categories.  Now, it will not affect your packs.  If you remove a category that is used in a pack, the pack will continue to use the old category until you change the category in the pack.  You can't use that removed category for any new packs, of course.
  • Changed "Address" in the Display in Channel/Query menu to "IP and DNS" to avoid confusion.
  • Changed the "View List" and "Refresh Log" menu items in the Log Viewer so that they scroll the log to the bottom rather than leaving the scrollbar at the top.
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