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Invision Supporter Links

The two links here are no longer active sites, so the link has been removed.  The addresses have been left in case anyone wants to try to use a web archive site or Google's cache to try and view what used to be on those sites.

invision.virtuallysurreal.net - Longtime Support Site for Invision (Known site for firewall help!)
web.tampabay.rr.com/ircmadeasy/Invision.htm - Great Support Site (Especially Script Setup etc.).  Previously ircmadeasy.com.
Thanks to all those out there that host Invision Support and/or files including those not shown here.

mIRC Related

www.mirc.com - Home page for mIRC itself.
www.mirc.org - The mIRC Resource Center
www.irchelp.org - Good Site for Beginners

mIRC Scripting

www.mircscripts.org - mIRC Scripts
www.mirc-egg.net - mIRC-Egg
www.mircscripts.com - mIRC Scripts