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Thanks for your interest in Invision. If you are looking for an advanced feature rich all around script for mIRC then you should definitely give it a try. At the time of this writing Invision has about 9 weeks with approximately over 2700 hours into scripting and testing and is still accumulating. I have been on iRC since 1994 and started scripting for mIRC, Eggdrops, VIRC, and Custom BOTS in the middle of 1995. Although in the past I was more focused on XDCC implementations Invision is primarily geared for File Serves.

I would like to credit Conglomo for his script Polaris as this was what I started off modeling Invision after. Polaris has been around a long time and is nice script for file serving. Originally I wanted to make Invision somewhat compatible with Polaris since there was a lot of add-ons out there for Polaris but as time went on and Invision progressed that became to far out of reach. Invision is not really compatible much at all at this point so please don't get mad if you try a Polaris add-on and it doesn't function correctly with it. If you want to see an add-on made for Invision email me and I'll see what I can do. Time is always an issue so I cannot promise anything. For those scripters out there that are interested in creating an add-on for Invision and have any questions please email me as well. I hope you find Invision to be the script of choice but if you find it to be not to your liking, you should give Polaris a try..