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Although Invision hosts many features, with those features comes the requirement for more to learn and understand about the script. If you just dive in without at least reading this section you are most likely to create problems for yourself or at least just become frustrated with the script because you don't understand why its doing one thing or/and not doing another. With that said lets move on.

First... some do's and don'ts:

  • DO NOT install Invision to a path that contains a space in it. In other words, C:\Program Files\Invision2\ will not work but C:\Invision2 will and is recommended.
  • DO go to the Invision Menu on the mIRC Menu Bar, select Main Settings and you will see on the General Tab where it says Maintain Nick with a checkbox and an Edit box that says "YourNick". Change "YourNick" to whatever Nickname you use on iRC. If you wish to always use that same nick then check the Enable Box.
  • DO NOT turn on Channel Ops features (which are located in Main Settings on the Channel Ops Tab) until you have set up users lists and specified channels in which to enforce them on. By default these are all turned off. If you plan to use these please read more about them in the Main Settings/Channel Ops section before doing so.
  • DO NOT edit, change, add to, or alter the script pages in anyway. Doing so almost always causes the script to not function correctly and sometimes even lock up. If you want to add your own routines please use the blank scripts in the sections provided and/or add you own new script files.

That's about the four most important things you need to know to at least run the script. I highly recommend reading the Getting Started section as well.