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Written by Riamus   
Aug 15, 2007 at 10:25 PM
The August'07 Release is available!  You can get the link on the forum.

August'07 Changes 

New Features :

  • One new feature added and adjusted (more information to come).
  • !list nick added for fservs (!list needs to be enabled for the fserv for this to work).

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed a bug when trying to use Ghosting without setting a password. -- * $input: cannot use in an event (line 1372, ialias5.mrc)
  • Fixed an old bug in Visufix that caused text to wrap at the wrong place when Visufix was enabled.

Changes :

  • Changed Fserv Anti-Idle to be Off by default.
  • Changed DCC Auto-Get to Show Get Dialog by default.
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