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Written by Riamus   
Jul 01, 2007 at 09:55 PM
The July'07 Release version was released on July 1.

July'07 Changes 

New Features :

  • Changed the XDCC Server Manager around.  It now allows 999 packs and lets you choose a type and color for each pack if desired.  Example:  You might want all games to have a [GAME] type and to be colored Red.
  • Added more support for a future mIRC feature (more information will be available later).
  • Added a Hard Drive Usage bar display to the Channel and Query right click menus (Display in Channel/Display Private).  It will let you display how much of your hard drives has been used in a small bar graph.
  • Added the ability to set background colors (white or black) as part of script colors.  You can still leave it without a background color, if you choose.  Remember that background colors can look bad, so be conservative using this feature.
  • When Auto Start is enabled for XDCC, it will now start in silent mode if that was the mode it was originally running in.
  • When Pack Listing is enabled in XDCC and someone requests the pack list, a file listing all of the packs will be sent rather than listing them out through /msg.  This will help when there are a lot of packs.

Bug Fixes :

  • Fixed * /did: invalid parameters (line 600, idccnmp3.mrc) bug when opening DCC Manager while Isolate DCCs is disabled.
  • Fixed a typo and adjusted some other text in the dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused "Gaining Ops in Channel: #" to appear if you have a channel window open, but you are not in it.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the !list command from working with XDCC servers.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying the XDCC Ad to "All Channels".
  • Fixed DCC > Queue Sends so that it works when right clicking a nick and trying to add additional file sends to your Queue.

Changes :

  • Changed CPU/MEM to CPU/RAM in the System Info display.
  • Made it so that the Private Message/Query sound doesn't play if the message is an XDCC Send, XDCC List, XDCC Help, or XDCC Remove command.
Would you like !seen to be per-channel? Even if it might mean your old data is lost?